It’s pointless trying to choose a favourite Beatle because I love them all equally. But, there is something about the way George Harrison wore his clothes that I adore. Often I will turn to men for style ideas and I find Harrison particularly inspiring. His transition from teddy boy to rocker to mod to hippy to perm is fascinating to research. I enjoy the ‘pioneer years’, which consisted of floppy hats, military jackets and neckerchiefs.
Even relaxing on the beach he chose to wear a worn-out baggy t-shirt with a red woolly hat. No trousers, but definitely a hat? It’s confusing but fantastic. I must applaud how, later in life, he managed to make a moustache sexy. That is a really difficult thing to do.
Some people are natural-born clothes-horses - George Harrison was one of them.

excerpt from It, by Alexa Chung (via interrmezzo)